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RadixNet Internet Access Services!

It is with regret that RadixNet is announcing the end of all of its Internet Service Provider offerings. When RadixNet started in 1995 the ISP universe was dominated by small businesses willing to take a chance on a fledgling industry. Since then, the Internet industry has matured and become dominated by large corporations in a manner which makes it economically infeasible for small, independent ISPs to continue.

CURRENT RADIXNET CUSTOMERS will need to locate a new provider before June 30, 2013.


  • a. You will need to locate a new dialup Internet access provider.
  • b. While we can neither endorse nor recommend providers, some of the companies that still provide dialup include AOL, NetZero and EarthLink.
  • a. You will need to move your web site to an alternate web hosting provider.
  • b. You will also need to move your email (if applicable) to the new provider.
  • c. New host should be able to provide instructions on transferring DNS (your Domain), email, etc.
  • a. You may wish to facilitate your email transfer now, by creating an email account at one of the free services such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, outlook.com, and others.
  • b. If you notify support@radix.net of your new email address, we will be happy to start forwarding your email and can do so until June 30, 2013.
  • c. You will need to notify your contacts of your new email address

Nation Wide Dial Up Service
RadixNet offers nation wide access numbers. Find a number local to your home, office, or vacation destination.

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